I Discovered Vine. The Birth of #JulieMcTarot

Oh man, oh geez, I’ve gone down the creative rabbit hole now. An art director friend of mine introduced me to Vine (the iPhone app) today. I had heard of it, but was reluctant to get into it because I’m overwhelmed with Twitter, Pinterest etc. It was a bit too abstract to understand but once he gave me the tutorial it was game on. With my past training in photography (during the old days when people lugged around 20 pound view cameras) I was immediately prepared with filters, pinholes and big ideas on how to adapt the Vine basic stock camera only, no filters, no editing– just you and your iPhone video camera for 6 secs. It’s the ADHD heaven of videography and social networking.

Today Julie McTarot was born! In my day job, I have to regularly use my intuition. I was once known to be a pretty concrete person so to develop my intuition I took some Tarot Card reading classes. I became proficient at it, but since it’s not my profession, I only dabbled in entertaining friends with readings. I love the graphic design on Tarot decks and I love the creative, story telling aspect of the cards design. Today I combined my tarot skills, with my Iphonography skills, with my typography skills and had a blast giving out 6 second Vine tarot card readings to other users!

I’m not able to upload the videos here… but you can get a sense from my graphics (shown above) of what I’m up to. I used Photoshop to create graphics then I recorded video straight off the monitor (with some filters so there was no moire patterns from the screen.

And yeah, I noticed the typo in the graphic. It’s a hustle to get a Vine video up, so I couldn’t be bothered with typos.

Oh and by the way, the above graphic is done only with fonts:

Albertsthal Typewriter

Lucky Charms (the hand with eye)

JellykaBees Antique Handwriting (the signature font… Jellyka makes amazing flamboyant fonts… check her out!! She rocks!)

If you have a Vine account, follow me @Julie McNelis


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