Sweet and Sugar Free Melon “Ice Cream”

This is my first post in an effort to integrate the fragments of my other food blog, so that everything can live in one place. Here!
One hot weekend we were dying for ice cream, but we can’t have any (on the Paleo diet, which has been phenomenal). We were desperate and when there’s a will, there’s a way. I had a really ripe cantaloupe, I cubed it, stuck the cubes in the freezer (in a bag); when frozen I tossed cubes in food processor (blender would work too), added a touch of coconut milk to get some good quality fat in it (and a creamy texture), I pureed it and Voila– ice cream!! It didn’t need sugar, or stevia because the cantaloupe was so ripe.
This would work with other melons too.
Today’s delicious dessert:
Melon “Sorbet” (<– full recipe here)

3 thoughts on “Sweet and Sugar Free Melon “Ice Cream”

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