Photoshop Watercolor Type Tutorial

Today while drinking some tea, I created this graphic of a quote by Pablo Picasso. I managed to overlook adding his name to the graphic after 30 minutes of frustration trying to mask the font to get the watercolor look. Now that I know what I’m doing, I’ll add it to the next one.

I’ve been enjoying figuring out how to get the fully digital to look real, like a stain on some cardboard paper. I thought this quote was apropos. This entire image is created with paper background, font and a Photoshop brush to create water color spill look.

Most of the fonts I use are from Dafont. In this image I used Angilla Tattoo…

I followed blufaqs Water Color Effect Tutorial to learn how to do this effect. I used the Photoshop brushes suggested at the tutorial.


4 thoughts on “Photoshop Watercolor Type Tutorial

    • Hi! Thanks Shawn!! It was really, really helpful! Honestly, I’m such a newbie at this that it took me 15 minutes to figure out where “fill” was to lower the percentage on. Once I just gave in to how clear your instructions are, it was very simple!

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