Drinking My Soup In The Shower

I’m such a goofball. When I’m in a hurry, starving and thirsty at the same time, I put soup in a cup and try to get it all in at once (food and beverage). I really don’t advocate this behavior. Some days, I bring my cup of soup into the shower with me. It’s not that I’m in all THAT much of a hurry, it’s that I don’t want the soup to get cold. Today I noticed that this gorgeous cup made by my very talented friend Ellen Hsu looked great with the floral pattern on my soap. I like flowers. There’s no shame in it!

I was really pleased about this aesthetic moment. Apotheke M is one of my favorite natural bath product brands. But I have to admit, I pretty much only buy their stuff from Target for the packaging. I know it’s not true, but for me, soap is just soap. But a great looking container, well that’s another thing altogether!

Check out how nice Ellen’s hand carved flowers look with the flowers on the Apotheke M packaging.

There’s nothing better than a warm cup of soup in a pretty container in a warm shower on a cold morning.

photo-18 photo-16


Lemme know.

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